Friday, February 03, 2006

Woolease legwarmers


Remember my lonely legwarmer? It has meet its mate! These legwarmers were made from one skein of woolease navy fleck on US 5 circulars in a basic rib stitch. The are nice and warm and soft so it is like you do not even know you are wearing them. I finished them just in time because today, finally, we are getting snow!

Happy knitting..

Monday, January 23, 2006

Finished at Last

I don't have a digital camera so here's a scan. They are 14" long and fit perfectly. The calf shaping was just right. The red yarn I used at the top and bottom is left over from the red heather tam I made in December, so when I wear both the hat and the legwarmers I will actually be colored coordinated.

These were knit with Cascade 220 and a little bit of Jo Sharp DK Wool Heather. I think I'm going to weave in elastic in the top ribbing to help them stay up. After all, I made them to wear with skirts. If they fall down too much they won't really be keeping my legs warm!

First Pair Finished

I finished my first pair of legwarmers. They're for a friend's daughter's birthday. I used Encore WW yarn because machine washability was a must. The legwarmers are about 9 1/2 inches long and I just used a 2x2 ribbing. Now I need to go on and make 5 more pairs in different colors for the rest of the girls.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

KISS - Araucania legwarmers

legwarmers in Araucania
Originally uploaded by Sophie_vf.
after fooling around fruitlessly with a bunch of other rib patterns, including a corrugated rib, I concluded that it was better to Keep it Simple, Sophie ;)

These are in Araucania Chunky, which feels wonderful in a 2 by 2 rib. I made them on the large side, 48 stitches on size 9 needles, but I figured the ribbing would hold them in place.

Now I can give my Noro legwarmers a rest and a nice soak in Eucalan - I've been wearing them almost continuously. The wind continues to blow cold here!

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Ankles will be covered!

I really liked the look of legwarmers under jeans, so I made mine short and snug in 3x1 rib. The yarn is Wool-Ease Woods Print from my stash. I used a little more than half a skein.

All the other details are here.

Just Starting

Gosh, the recent trend almost makes me wish I had saved them from years ago -- but I didn't knit then, so where's the fun in that? Thanks for letting me join. I'm doing the stashalong so I am going to pull through and see what I have that will make a good start.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

If only I could make a pair for myself...

I finished these for my friend:

She was so excited when she opened them up. They're made of an old sweater I got at Goodwill. The yarn is 100% cotton and has little metallic threads running through it. The leg warmers are done in a 3x1 rib.

Now if I only could make myself a pair now instead of having 3 other projects that take precedence.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

One Leg Warm, One Leg Cold

This morning I finished legwarmer #1. Twisted ribbing in red at top and bottom; heathered chocolate brown for the leg, which I knit in stockinette. This time I measured my ankle and calf first (duh! should have done that the first time) and then increased by 2 stitches every inch from the ankle to the calf to shape it. Result: It fits perfectly!

Now all I have to do is cast on the second one tonight and get going. With single-digit temps here in Mass. I could really use them! Hope to post a pic when they are done.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

One Down . . . Sort of . . .

Here's the other end of my first one. Just for fun I ended with a bit of red yarn on the ankle end.

But...I frogged it! Once I tried it on, I decided it was too short and too snug around my calf. Also I didn't like the stitch pattern. I mean, I liked it, but not for a legwarmer. So I've started again, casting on four additional stitches. This time I'll have a couple rows of red at both ends, and after the ribbing I'm going to do plain stockinette.